The EMC Forum is a yearly event that brings together experts from industry and academia to discuss the latest trends and research in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Signal Integrity (SI), and Power Integrity (PI).

Methods, systems, and regulations in EMC, SI, and PI are constantly evolving. It is therefore necessary to continuously bridge the gap between industry and academia. This forum provides an open format where industry participants learn about ongoing research at the participating academic institutions and are invited to give feedback and directions.

The EMC Forum is organized by the following experts from academia:

  • Prof. P. Besnier from IETR, France
  • Prof. F. Grassi from POLIMI, Italy
  • Prof. S. Grivet-Talocia from POLITO, Italy
  • Prof. P. Manfredi from POLITO, Italy
  • Prof. S. Pignari from POLIMI, Italy
  • Prof. C. Schuster from TUHH, Germany
  • Prof. D. Spina from UGHENT & IMEC, Belgium
  • Prof. R. Trinchero from POLITO, Italy
  • Prof. D. Vande Ginste from UGHENT, Belgium
  • Prof. Xinglong Wu, from POLIMI, Italy
  • Dr. C. Yang from TUHH, Germany